Jane McDonald opens up on ‘new man’ in her life after tragic death of her fiancé

Jane McDonald has revealed there is a ‘new man’ in her life after the death of her beloved fiance – her niece’s baby boy.

The star’s partner Eddie Rothe died in 2021 after battling lung cancer.

Opening up on Loose Women, she shared that her niece had named her new arrival Ed in a tribute to her long-term love.

“He’s so beautiful, I can’t believe it,” Jane said.

“My niece Katie has had a little baby boy and they’ve called him Ed. He’s just gorgeous. I’m loving it and relishing it and spending time with Katie and Tom and my family and just seeing this new life.”

“I’m so in love, I didn’t know you could feel that,” she added.

Jane, 59, and Eddie first met in the 1980s then they reconnected almost 30 years later and got together.

The pair had been engaged for 13 years when Eddie passed away.

The star told the Loose Women presenters that, a year after losing him, she was doing “so much better”.

“I have more good days now than bad days and I relish those now,” she said.

“I was very lucky – I’ve always had a very busy life without a partner, so I’ve been able to just carry on and my fans were just incredible. 

“They got me through so much over the tour, so I’m very grateful.”

Asked if it was tough getting through her first show after Ed’s death, Jane replied: “I was a mess, but they just got me through it. They really did. 

“You can find love in many different ways – it can be a pet, it can be your fans, it can be your family, or your friends.

“When you lose a lot of love – I lost my mum and Ed – and you just think, ‘I’m never going to fill that hole again’ but you do. 

“It comes from other places, and that’s why you’ve got to let the light in and that’s what I’m doing.”