Phillip Schofield refuses to apologise as he breaks silence on queue row scandal

Phillip Schofield has addressed the queue-gate scandal and insisted he was “unfairly targeted” after the incident.

The This Morning presenter, 60, and co-star Holly Willoughby sparked furious backlash after the pair appeared to “skip” the 14-hour queue to see the Queen lying-in-state.

Shortly after the scandal emerged, a petition was made to remove the presenters from fronting This Morning which surpassed a whopping 100,000 signatures from the outraged public.

ITV then released a statement, assuring the TV duo were there in a “professional capacity” and were filming for an episode of This Morning that was broadcast a few days later.

Speaking about the controversial moment, the Dancing on Ice presenter admitted to Dan Wootton Tonight’s senior producer Ben Leo that they never broadcast anything on air because “they weren’t allowed to film inside”.

He also claimed more than 700 journalists from other broadcasters also skipped the queue before questioning why he should apologise. 

As they approached the presenter outside a house, GB News asked: “Do you feel vindicated?”

The presenter responded: “I think that it was a shame that what happened, happened.”

When questioned if he was unfairly targeted over the scandal, he agreed with the statement, saying: “I think we were.”

When asked if he would now issue an apology, he hit back: “Why would I apologise? You’ve already seen that 700 other journalists did exactly the same thing.”

The producer replied: “But they were accredited. And you never actually filmed anything. Nothing was ever broadcast.”

But the dad-of-two insisted: “We weren’t allowed to film inside.”

He was then informed that an ITV insider allegedly told GB News that filming inside the palace was never on the cards, to which Phil responded: “You’re a bit late with that story mate.”