Snow on the way as UK to see temperatures plunge within days

Snow could begin falling in parts of northern England and Scotland toward the end of next week, according to forecasts.

According to the Met Office, the first sightings of snow this winter could start in the Scottish highlands as early as next week before wintery conditions spread further at the end of the month.

Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said current mild conditions are expected to last for at least another five days before the weather turns more unsettled, bringing strong winds and rain before temperatures drop.

Next week will see temperatures begin to fall, with single digit lows of around 7C.

“With average temperatures for this time of November, you can get rain falling as snow on the high grounds of Scotland as well as potentially the high ground of England and Northern Ireland,” Ms Shuttleworth said.

She added that wintery conditions will begin to pick up in the UK toward the end of the month with more dry and settled weather seen more widely leading to colder temperatures.

“For the end of November, it generally looks like we’ll see high pressure and lots of dry and settled weather,” Ms Shuttleworth said.

“That could bring some colder nights. There are no major signals for snow but we can see frost and fog becoming a little more likely into the back end of November.”

The Met Office’s long-range weather forecast from 15 November to 24 November says: “Conditions are likely to remain unsettled with further outbreaks of rain and showers, especially in the west, where winds could be strong at times.

“Eastern parts of the UK are likely to remain the driest, although could still experience intermittent rainfall.

“Moving further into November, high pressure may become more influential, bringing longer spells of dry and settled weather, with lighter winds.”