Snow to hit UK in just days and in run up to Christmas, says Met Office

The Met Office has forecast that snow may be set to fall across parts of Britain from next week, as a brief interlude from the wet and windy weather sees temperatures plummet. 

The forecaster, which is usually cautious when it comes to snow predictions, made the estimate as part of its long-range weather lookahead.

It said: “On Sunday, rain will continue to move erratically eastwards, followed by cooler and brighter conditions. 

“Into the following week, more organised heavy rain and strong winds are then possible across west and southwest parts of the UK, this making uncertain northeastwards progress, and perhaps bringing some, at least transient, snow to upland areas of northern Britain.

“For the rest of the period, unsettled weather is expected to dominate, hence showers and rain with the risk of gales across most parts of the UK, particularly western and north-western areas.

“Temperatures are expected to be generally near normal, except in some eastern regions, where cold air from the continent could cause them to dip slightly below average at times.”

The country will reportedly have to endure torrential downpours and gales beforehand, with a 13-hour yellow weather warning in place from today (November 16) and into Thursday (November 17) for the southern English coast.